Already did the search/Maxxis IT

Yes, I already searched. I cannot find this question answered. All I can find is good comments about how it handles rock and hard stuff.

How does the Maxxis IT front handle the sand and mud?

Are you talking front or rear? I run IT rear, SI front. I haven't had any issues in sand/mud with the rear, though my mud experience is rather limited. Sand-wise, it will get squirrelly in the deep stuff and will dig a nice trench on sandy climbs, but overall I'm happy with it as a great all-around tire. I haven't had the IT up front yet, but, like you, I've heard good things...SC


Putting a new one on my front tomorrow after running several of them I have decided to run nothing but Maxxis IT front and rear for here in AZ.

What type of riding do you do in Arizona. How does it handle in the mud and sand (soft stuff)

i just put Michelin S12's on my bike and it handles the mud great. I know it's not what you are asking but just thought i'd put in my two pence worth.

the IT front handles mud horribly. sand,well a its little better than mud ; its like a little better than the 739. the SI frnt handles everything well,and pairs nicely with the IT rear(i know several people that run that combo and like it) the SI might not last in the rocks as long but is worth it if your gonna encounter alot of different riding conditions :applause: i'm experimenting with some pirelli's right now(mt83/16),they're great in soft stuff; i've yet to try them in rocks though?

maxxis it front does not like mud. in normal dirt (not western desert stuff)the it front is marginal at best. are you looking for a good mud tire or a tire that will last and doesn't cost much? if you are trying to stay in the lower cost range, i've been very happy with the dunlop 952 front this winter. i wanted to try the tire because i was not impressed with the it. iv'e done a lot of rididng this fall/winter and have been suprised by how well it worked in the mud. no, it's not an s12. nothing is. just my 2 cents.

Damn Mouse, is that you in the Avatar? I aint saying you are a bad looking guy but damn you look like a Serial Killer in that photo. Take a new photo and try to smile.

Thanks for the info on the Mich. I have heard good things.

I run IT front and back. It was great in TX, but now i'm in KY and I'm thinking os keeping IT back and going s12 front.

I bought the back IT for a trip to Terlingua, Texas(Desert mountains) I had a good Dunlop 756 on the front that had a couple of good rides left. When I got back I was not thinking and I ordered a IT front. When I got it I looked at the tread pattern and did not thing that the solid double knobby would do well in mud. I will take a few trips this years to Utah,Arkansas and Missouri to ride rock again but on a monthly basis I ride in east Texas woods with alot of sand and occasional mud. I think I will keep the IT for those trips and just order another front tire for soft-intermediate terrain. I like the 756 for that stuff. I will probably try the Maxxis SI.

Thanks for the information.

What type of riding do you do in Arizona. How does it handle in the mud and sand (soft stuff)

We see mostly hard pack and rock here in AZ . I do run it at the dunes and have had no troubles.

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