Free 19"

Hey YZers, Mike from the WR Forum here. Just wanted to give all of you a crack at a peice of good fortune. Right before X mas I cracked my front rim. Bummer big bucks right, NO A fellow TT saw my post and offered me a set of stock rims from his 99 YZ. Well he sent them to me for freight only and I only needed the front. The rear is fair game for anyone willing to pay the freight. It is in great shape and is 19". This is the rim only!!!. PM me is you are interested. I'm going to be going through my garage and pulling a bunch of parts out to get put on here for free. Lets hope it will start a positive tread for TT'er across the board. If you read this, Thanks for the rims you know who you are. :applause::bonk::cry:

PM sent! :applause:

i hope people that PM need the part and dont plan on selling it...

very cool idea

Thats what I like to see fella. Hopefully this will start a good trend. And your very welcome

Need is a relative word. I don't need it. But if I had it I would put a stock rear tire on it. That way I could swap between a paddle and a normal tire relatively easily..

But it is too late now and would have cost a lot to post out here...

Very kind of you to offer it like that though.. :applause:

Ok Guy We Have A Taker And The Rim Is Spoken For. Happy New Year Everyone.

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