650R electrical help.

:applause: I need help wiring up a stator. I bought a Ricky Stator dual output 200w unit to replace the stock stator. The stock stator on the Euro/Asian/Austrailian DK version (which I have) has 3 outputs from the stock stator which can been seen in the wiring diagram for the bike (see section 18 of the shop manual here: The Ricky Stator unit has 2 outputs a GREEN and a WHITE . How do I wire this up to the PINK, YELLOW and WHITE/YELLOW of the stock bike? Thanks to anyone who can help.


Ok looking at the schematic, DK version, you can see that the W/Y wire goes up and into the "AC Regulator" then on to the headlight. The tricky part here is that the coil only has one wire coming out of it, the W/Y. Their is a ground also, this is shown in the schematic as coming right off the stator. This other end of the coil is grounded to the frame somewhere

The Pink and Yellow are actually both ends of the second lighting coil. One end does not go to ground on this one, it is kept floating, and these two wires go to the DC regulator/rectifier and create a "floating ground DC system" which runs your horn, turn signals etc...

It sounds like your Ricky Stator is wired for a single output, (even though you have dual coils, they are wired together in parallel), IE. only 2 wires coming out.

This can get very complicated, as there are MANY possibilities. So, you need to tell me what your goal is with this system. . IE. Are you wanting to strip off all turnsignals etc... and just run a pair of 100W lights? Give me more specific details and we can get down to business.

Mail me directly if you prefer.


Thanks for your help. I should have been more clear, the Ricky Stator actually has 2 seperate 100 Watt outputs both with one WHITE and one GREEN wire but can be combined as a single 200 Watt output (4 total wires in addition to the ignition pulse circuit/wires). I want to run one of these to power the stock light (but with a higher watt bulb) and the second to power the DC brake light, horn, turn signal and accessories (GPS, grip heaters, ect...). Can I do this by grounding one of the RS 100 watt outputs? I'm lost on how to wire it to the stock system. Thanks again for your help! I also have a nicad battery pack to replace the coil and a higher quality regulator/rectifier to replace the stock unit but those should be easy to wire in once I solve the stator wiring.


Yes, your new stator does indeed have 2x100W coils. Each coil should have 2 wires, IE. a start and an end, as you said, 4 wires for 2 coils. If it's not otherwise apparent, with a multimeter you can check for continuity to find out which two wires go together, IE. which pair of wires shows resistance.

Assuming I looked at the correct schematic for your bike, you will wire up one coil (two wires) to the Pink and Yellow wires. These go to the input of the DC regulator/rectifier (should be two yellow wires on the DC reg/rec). The black and red wires coming out of the reg/rec is your regulated DC voltage. Hook your battery up here, after the reg/rec, just "Y" into the black and red. Black will go to negative on the battery, and red to the positive. This takes care of your DC system.

Your headlight will run off of regulated AC voltage. The tricky part here is where the second wire (ground shown in the schematic) of your stock lighting coil went. Simply hook one end of the other lighting coil (from your new stator) to the W/Y wire that goes up to the AC regulator. The other end needs to connect to the same grounding place that your stock lighting coil connected to. Basically, with two separate lighting coils, you have two separate and distinct systems. One drives the headlight and the other drives all your DC stuff.

Now, I rewound my own stator, a single coil, ~200W. With my 2 wires from my newly rewound coil, I wired directly to my headlights (dual 55's) and then simply spliced into these wires with the 2 yellow wires from the DC reg/rec. This way, my headlight is on all the time when the bike is running (no switch), and runs on regulated AC. I still have power going through the DC reg/rec though too, so I run all my DC stuff, and charge the battery on this side of the reg/rec. The difference is that I didn't ground my AC side, like your schematic shows. Maybe it would be safer if I would have, but it works so I'm sticking with it.

You can do this also with your system if you desire. Simply wire your two coils together as one. Then you can ditch the AC regulator altogether and just use the DC reg/rec, and still have your headlight run off of regulated AC. The only downside to this is that if you want your headlight switched. Say you have a 100W bulb running, that leaves ~100W for the batthery and DC stuff, the regulator burns off the rest, no problem. If you turn off the headlight, then the regulator has to handle the extra 100W that the headlight was using. This is not good, and will burn out the regulator more than likely, or make it run very hot.

Do some digging in your stock wiring and see if you can figure out where that ground wire went from the one side of the stock AC lighting coil. Let me know how you get along. I can make you a simple schematic if you like. Mail me directly at snaggletto at cox dot net.


I will go out and try to ground one of the outputs to the frame. The stock output must ground to the frame somewhere so it shouldn't matter what area of the frame I ground to ....right? The only place I see a ground on the W diagram is at the sparkplug and at the alternator itself. Thanks for the help, I'll PM you for a diagram.


Done, wired just as you suggested and all works fine. I finally have a bright headlight and enough DC juice to power all accessories. Even on the DK I don't know why Honda underpowered the stator to begin with, the US version is of course far worse . A few more pennies worth of wire at the factory and you would have had ample watts. With this mod my bike is finally almost complete the way I want it:


2004 XR-650R (DK) uncorked with

Edelbrock carb, RTT integrated stabilizer and triple clamps, Scott fork brace/skins and footpeg mod kit, Eibach springs, Pro-Taper bars, IMS 4.6 tank, BD buddy footpegs, DirtBaz panniers, sheepskin seat cover, Sendec race pro III tach with 2 temp sensors, 200 watt stator with nicads, BD rectifier and ac powered 55/60 watt headlight.

To do:

KTM or other radiator fan, GS 650 type Fairing and Garmin 276 GPS


Nice bike, that furry seat looks comfy too! I'm glad you got it all sorted out. Enjoy!


Sorry for digging up a old thread but can someone be kind enough to tell if this is correct fitting for xr650r ricky stator ED model same as the DK model.





DC regulator/rectifier



AC regulator


green-ground to frame

Regards David

Hey that's my old thread, I'm still here, except I'm in Italy instead of Japan now (with the bike). 4 years later and the RS is still working like a champ powering a AC headlight and seperate DC system. Here is another thread with pics that will guide you through in case you didn't see it...http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=722449&highlight=danish

Thanks Fingers did not see that one.

Regards David

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