Have you weighed your WR450


Hve you weighted your WR450 in full race condition ?

I mean with full tank, oils and radiator coolant in etc.

Mine weights with studded tires and xenon front light 124 kilograms or 273 lbs

Timo Mc

Super Piggy weighs in at 286 lbs! That is with Full 3.3 gallon tank and heavy 20 lb rear tire. :applause:

It is about 16 kgs heavier stock to stock WR to YZ!!!!

If you loose 16 kgs, you will notice how much easier you can do everything (Fatties only, like WR! :applause:)


I weighed difference with summer and winter gear and it is 7kg ~ 15.5 lbs

So in summer it weights 117kg fully loaded which is ~ 257 lbs

Timo Mc

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