2006 WR 450F - Euro Spec Mods?

Great info on this site. I am taking delivery of A European Specification WR 450 F (Asian Market) in a few weeks. Has anyone had experience with this model? My LBS (dealer) has no idea about grey wires, airbox mods, jetting kits etc. they just sell bikes. I am hoping it wll be similar to the Austarlian Spec bike but could really do with some idea as I hope to grab some jets and other bits and pieces while on a trip down under in the New Year.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice.

Happy New Year to all.

Best Wishes

Colin :applause:

Yerrr. ....there the same as US model except the compression ratio is about 7 : 1 to cope with asian fuel ...think that makes them about 35 BHP :applause:

Asian fuel better than Aussie fuel............... we only get 6:1 compression.

Need 8:1 compression for an engine to work so I push mine everywhere!

Anyway, yes, just like Aussie model, but slightly lighter springs.

hopefully you wont get AIS. We dont.

I bow to superior knowledge of this forum but I find it hard to believe that th e compression ratios are that low...are you guys kidding?? Yamaha claim 12.3 : 1. I'm in for a shock if the performance is really that low - maybe I should have bought an Orange Bike - next maybe... :applause:

Thanks for the heads up guys


Where do you plan to ride off road on it? I have been to HK three times in the last two years on business and it looks like there would be some really kick arse hill climbs on the islands in the harbor and on the boarder with the mainland.

If you do not plan to ride it dirt i bet it would make a great urban assult vehicle if supermoto!!

I am new to the WR also so i cannot comment on the mods.

As you noted, there is quite a bit of space near to the Mainland border and one purpose built Mx and offroad area of tracks - not big but enough to blast the cobwebs out. Not much hill climbing despite its outward appearance.

Urban assault is in the pipeline - quite a few KTM supermotos around - any one got any yamaha specific stuff (2nd hand) they want to offload? 5 inch rear hub and rim would be nice... :applause: I might have to visit the supermoto forum as well


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