Spare parts for WR450

Just got my 2006 WR450. When I get a new bike, I like to get some spare parts to have on hand, and now with on line stores like, its really easy to place an order, and much cheaper than going to the dealer.

So I was going to buy:

- oil filters

- front brake lever

- clutch lever

What else should I add to my order?

id go aftermarket on those levers...chances are they will be less expensive, of better quality, and you can get "easy pull" models.

And for the filiters, the hi flo filtros are just as good if not better than the oem filters, and less expensive.

Yeah - Hi Flo filters can be bought on e-bay pretty cheap. You can also get a WR450 hardware kit on e-bay, (all the nuts and bolts you'll ever need :applause: )

May be a clutch and throttle cable(s). If you go camping / riding for a weekend and you break one, your done for the weekend :bonk: (I've ridden with one broken throttle cable before but you'd be out of luck with the clutch cable.)

Unless they have improved the stop and kill buttons, you might want to go out and get atleast one, YZ style kill button. Search the threads for killbutton or start button and you'll understand why.

Tubes - Heavt Duty!

O rings for your oil filter cover. I squished one once and could not find anything but OEM o-ring that would seal it up tight.

Could probably go on forever but I would definitely go for these and any other single points of failure.

Congrats on the new bike! :cry:

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