Need Help with graphics!!!!

Hey I have spent countless hours searching for some graphics for my 2003 WR450, can somebody point me in the right direction as where to find a mostly black or dark colored graphics kit. Hey Thanks a Bunch!!!

What style of graphics. I like , but they are kinda flashy. Otherwise check like Dennis Kirk or Rocky Mountain MC, they have large selections.

By the way, you may have to order YZ kits to get what you want. Then either trim them or get YZ shrouds.

I like the graphics put out by Factory

just remember, in '05 yamaha went to the yz shrouds. you can only use stuff for '03 and '04. your not going to find much. i ended up going with the factory effex evo2. not my favorite. evo1 is no longer available and evo3 is not available for '03,'04 WR. grab a copy of dirt rider. it looks like a lot of people are making custom graphics these days. it may cost you ten bucks more but you might be able to have what you want made. good luck.

There is a thread in the general forum about you may wish to read. Its seems as though there may be some problems over there. I would hate to recomend someone who isnt going to give you good service.

Hey thanks a bunch! Will YZ shrouds bolt right up to a WR gas tank?

Hey thanks a bunch! Will YZ shrouds bolt right up to a WR gas tank?
I dont think so, until 2005 that is. I forgot I got a new tank and it takes the YZ style shrouds.

Does anyone who makes rear fender grpahics for a WR450F?? i have been trying to find with no luck

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