Help Looking for 06 450

Ok gang, my local dealer has given up on getting me a 450 in a reasonable amount of time. I am first (and only) on the list here, but he still hasn't gotten a bike. 250f's have come and gone-in fact he still has one or two on the floor-but no 450's. Anybody know of a dealer with an 06 450 in the South Texas area- San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi. Color doesn't matter, but I'm not going to pay $8000 either. Thanks.

Looking at the thread below "Did anyone get an SE from motorcycle brokers"- it looks like they don't have them either, and aren't answering their e-mail.

Still looking.

Central Texas Powersports just north of Austin has a yellow 450 on the floor right now. Actually this bike has been sitting there for several weeks now. Ask for Mike Langly.

512-948-9922 Good Luck!!!

Steve Cardwell

I'll give them a call.


I talked to Mike today. They sold the yellow one on saturday. He said they could get me a blue one by this weekend but they would have to trade another dealer for it. They wanted $7500 OTD. Too much money for having to drive 5 hours each way. Anybody else know where one is in South/Central Texas? Obviously, if they were going to trade some other dealer nearby has one.

Are you willing to drive to Dallas? I might have a contact for you....PM me if they drive is not to far.

I can't believe guys are paying that much for bikes. I payed $6300.00 OTD for my 06 YZ450 should be here next week. But I always buy my bikes at my local shop.

I can't believe guys are paying that much for bikes. I payed $6300.00 OTD for my 06 YZ450 should be here next week. But I always buy my bikes at my local shop.

Who said anything about paying....that's what the greedy dealer wants..

The dealer mentioned above quoted me $8100..

Ktmike, Pm jaybird67K

I didn't say aything about you paying that much. I wish people would quit paying that much for bikes. All it does is drive cost up for next year bikes because people are paying it. A couple of days ago someone payed $8700.00 for their bike OTD. That's freaking crazy

There is a new 06 50th Ann. in Birmingham Alabama at Pelham Powersports. I was in today and saw it. $6999.00 plus fees I am sure.

The number is 205-664-4999 if your interested.

I just saw a new Special Edition in our dealer's shop in Lubbock.

I can't believe guys are paying that much for bikes. I payed $6300.00 OTD for my 06 YZ450 should be here next week. But I always buy my bikes at my local shop.

Im guessing you either didnt pay any sales tax and fees. maybe you are a sponsored rider from that shop...otherwise, sorry, i call bs you saying you payed [sic] 6300 otd.

I guess you could call it a sponsorship deal, I have always done my business with that shop. I think they are asking $6900.00 for the YZ450 and $6600.00 for the RMZ450 not sure about the KX450. But most shops around here will not make you pay sales tax if your from out of state. Well as long as your not from to far away that is.

I thought y'all might be interested in my ongoing search for a 06 450F. After contacting several dealers in Texas and elsewhere, and not making much progress, I went back to my local dealer this afternoon (who is a personal friend that I race with) and asked him what the status was on the 450SE that I asked him to get for me back in October. He says that he only sells 1-2 450's per year and Yamaha often reallocates their bikes to larger dealers. Previously I had seen his order paperwork showing him having ordered 2 450's-one yellow and one blue. Yamaha had given him a notice that he was only going to get 1 450- a blue one. I told him OK, I'll take the blue one. Siince the blue one still hasn't shown up, and since pretty much everyone has gotten their first round of 450's he thinks Yamaha has reallocated the blue one he was promised to another dealer. I asked him to trade one of his R6's with another dealer for a yellow one if possible, but a blue one if not. He agreed, since he has been trying to get me back on a YZ since 2003. He got on the computer at about 2pm, and called me at 3pm to tell me he had a dealer that wanted to trade. Whoever this dealer was had 2 450's (1 yellow and 1 blue) on a truck within 100 miles of my dealer. They agreed to trade and my dealer is meeting the truck driver at the shop at 10pm tonight to get the yellow one. My dealer told me to go buy a lottery ticket today since he has never seen anyone get that lucky. Looks like I will be riding yellow tomorrow. As far as price goes-$7200 OTD which in Texas after taxes and title comes out to about $6600 for an SE. I'll let you know tomorrow if everything works out.

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