Butt Sore

HI, I have an 03 WR450 and i don't think i can take it anymore! The stock seat sucks. Who makes the best replacement seat that isn't taller, but softer. Pics would be great.

Gutsracing has a great product line for your Butt..... Monkeybutt powder will help too, makes things all nice and comfy down there... Note: Gutsracing "stock" foam is real nice and soft compared to the stock Yamaha foam.

Here's the link:



I just go the guts tall soft seat and new seat cover. Put it on today, going riding MOnday. I'll post on the "effects" MOnday night!

I'm very happy with a Guts tall foam seat on my 03 WR450. Monkeybutt no more. Only thing is that it adds another inch or so to an already tall bike.

A cheaper way to go would be to buy a pair of riding shorts with hip pads (FOX, EVS or 661) or bicycle riding shorts and try standing up more when you ride. Food for though if you think a Yamaha seat is hard, trying riding for 120 miles off-road in one day on a stock KTM seat!!! It gives a whole new meaning to "monkey butt".

Just got back from a trip to see my new seat has been delivered, the soft foam from Guts feels great, I will install this bad boy and do a short cruise to see if it is to soft-- check back!!!!


Padded bicycle shorts and don't sit so much.

I bought my bike from a guy who is 6'4" and he had installed a B-3 seat from Factoryeffex It was too tall for me at 6' so I cut it down but it is still way more comfortable than a stock seat.

That was easy!!! Comfy!!! Little added style!!!!

quit being poosies if you would ride more your butt gets tougher or you lose feeling in it i havent decided yet

You a young guy bigblueknight? I bet age is a factor here!

I rode for about 3 hours Monday with my new guts tall soft. You definitely notice the difference, the seat is much softer. I noticed today that I feel the after effects of the ride across a larger section of my ars then the narrow range that the stock seat usually effected! I would definitely recommend the guts

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