To much for 2001 wr 426

I am looking at a 2001 wr 426. It is ca plated, sub mount scott stabilizer, new white brothers pipe, auto decompression cam, new chain and sprockets and dual sport kit installed. It is in good condition but I know the owner rode it hard but took very good care of it maintance wise. Seller is firm on the price of 4300.00.

Does that seem like a high price or a fair price for everything the bike has.

Thanks for your input.

My opinion, I would say it's a little high but not bad. But because it has the plate some people really jack up the price. I would say offer him $4000 if it;s clean and if he doesn't take the offer search around for a 03-04 wr450. I see them plated for around $4500.

i'd say thats way too high i've seen 2004 450 go for that much

i purchased my 2004 wr450 for 4000 even from a guy in cali...and the bike was brand new as far as i could tell..

the fact that the bike is plated is worth something i suppose.

yea thats what I thought thanks.

For a 2003 plated, maybe the price is OK. For 2001, too high.

the fact that the bike is plated is worth something i suppose.

Yeah that makes it worth about twice what it would normally go for really.

Kalifornia is insane when it comes to that and if you are lucky enough to have one with a plate (like me) you tend to hang on to them.

I am in the process of redoing mine completely, brand new engine (bought one in a crate), doing a close tolerance big bore 446cc, suspension freshly redone, taken down to the frame and powder coated everything including the swingarm satin black.

I also did the 05' plastics mod so when its done it will look as much like an 05' as you can get and have the same displacement +or- a cc or 2.

Mine is in supermoto trim and has been since the day I bought it brand new and I figured I would spend close to $8,000.00 to get another one already street legal, or more than that to make an 05 or 06 Wr street legal with supermoto stuff so why not just pimp mine out as much as I can and enjoy the hell out of it.

I mocked everything up the other day after getting the frame and stuff back from the powder coater and it looks absolutely sick so I am stoked with the process but chewing at the bit for my engine builder to finish the engine.

I have had more than one reputable engine builder tell me that the 426 based engines are more reliable than the 450's are and that was another deciding factor for me.

No matter what you cannot go find another 426 or 450 for that matter and get a plate in Kalifornia so if someone is willing to part with a plated one, snag it while you can because someone into supermoto will get it if you hesitate.

with the exception of the 450 engine, plastics and no oil in the frame the basic geometry of the bike is unchanged since 98 or so, save the 05 where they went to larger twin chamber forks right? and as I understand it they went backwards in 03 with the forks which most suspension techs think were not nearly as good as the earlier or later versions.

If street legal is your goal, my advise would be to snag that 426, ride the crap out if it, then when it needs a top end do the 446 big bore and for all intents and purposes you have a 450 that is street legal.

I have been on this forum since 2001 and as I recall the 2001 was the model with the least amount of problems of any of them.

Free mods made them great, a good pipe and proper jetting made them flawless for the most part.

I needed to edit this after thinking about it for a minute, the thing better be in MINT condition for him to get $4000.00 for it otherwise he will sit on it for a while im thinking.

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