Quick helmet headset review/show and tell.

I just got a helmet headset to use with my Midland radios.

It is the Midland AVPH2 closed face helmet headset.

It comes with two thin speakers, a mic, and a handlebar mounted PTT button.


I just installed it in my helmet...the mic and speakers come backed with 3M velcro, and a velcro patch for the inside of the helmet.

I removed all the helmet padding, placed my velcro patches where i wanted them, tucked all the wires in, and re-installed my padding. One cord exits the helmet at the back.

Here is how it looks, connected to my 14 mile GMRS radio. The extra cord seen on the right goes to the PTT button, but that is mounted on my handlebars downstairs in the garage.


Here is a pic of the inside of the helmet, with the left cheek piece removed...showing the left speaker, and the mic.


I have only tried it out in the house....with my wife in the other room talking to me on the radio. :applause: These things are LOUD. volume at about halfway was just about as much as i could take. And my wife said that my voice came through loud and clear on her end. Im going to have to tape the volume knob in place before i put my radio in my camelback...i dont want that thing getting turned up too far. :bonk:

The setup is comfortable inside the helmet...I cant feel the mic or the speakers at all. the only difference is a SLIGHTLY snugger fit of the helmet due to the extra cords packed in there. Probably a good thing, as my padding has gotten a little beat down, and my helmet has been a tad sloppy lately.

Ill fill you guys in when i get a chance to use it on the trail.

BTW, i posted this here, because i know the majority of you folks are trail-riders....and i dont really care what the "general" forum has to say about it.

Excellent. At that price, it seems like a good thing to help me communicate with my wife and daughters.

The only thing I need to do now is to get a quieter pipe so I can here them talking to me.

Im pretty sure they speakers are loud enough to be heard over even the loudest of pipes.

Ill have more info on that after i ride with it...but right now, i cant imagine them being any louder.

Looks good! I'll be curious to hear how the mics sound at speed. My bro and I did something similar with Motorola radios (external boom mics and thin, headset speakers) and although the audio was loud enough, at speeds higher than about 40mph there was just too much wind noise over the mics and it drowned the audio out.


That is the reason why you use noice cancelling microphones. We have done quite a few experiments on racecars. Throat mike would be the most sensible way to go :applause:

These guys also offer helmetsets:


You just have to try to know and then modify if not good enought :bonk:

Timo Mc

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