Tire Pressure???

Hey guys I have always wanted to know. What pressure's You run in your tires front and rear. I believe it about the same for all types of tires but I could be wrong.

I run 12-13 PSI (Front & Rear)

I run 12-13 PSI (Front & Rear)

Same here closer to 12 usually.

Desert, rocky terrain...17-20

Desert, reg terain.......15-17

MX ......................... 11-14

I run 12-13 PSI (Front & Rear)

Me too. :applause:

thats what I thought. I will have to keep that in mind to raise the pressure up a tad when going to the desert. Thanks

The owner of the shop I go to says to neve put more than 15-16 psi.

10 for sand

12 for mud, roots, average woods

15 for rocks

I run almost exclusively in sand and I am using about 13 lb front. I think the rear is 14 but that is a paddle tire.

12! :applause::bonk::cry::cry::cry::p:lol::bonk::bonk:

12-13 if you know you wont be hitting any rocks.

14-17 if I go trail riding in the rock gardens.

Some of the rocks around here are like hitting curbs. Anything lower and you really run the risk of a pinch flat. Yeah,.. you might loose I small amount of front end bite by running 17 but its better than getting a flat.

I vary the pressure depending on the tire, and the terrain. Some tires ( like Maxxis ), have a very stiff sidewall, and work well with less pressure, while some other brands ( like Michelin ) work well with more pressure. I have always adjusted tire pressure by feel, and usually end up between 10-14psi.

I run usually between 16-18 psi front and rear. I ride mostly mx and weigh about 275 without gear. I case alot of jumps and was getting flats in front with lower pressures.

14 at both ends

Right at 14 front and rear. :applause:

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