How big of a rear tire on a 650L?

Ok, I took a few pics. This is a Dunlop D606 (130/90 18) on my 1999 XR650L.



You should be in good shape....looks great! :applause:

Thanks for the pics! :bonk:

I just put a 130/90-18 606 on my 06 650L, fits great and no rubbing anywhere!

Yes it is my Dad does the machining for me. I have the rotor guard done too.


Nice looking chain guard,being myself a machinist I fabbed one that looked a lot like yours but lost it while ridding.Seems like the "L" tabs of the swingarm weren't fully welded and couldn't support the weight,just check yours out and try if you can to beef up the welds.Good luck.

I am also looking to get a new set.. What is everyone running on the front?

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