Aren't you glad you got a Yamaha WR???

You troublemaker, you :applause:

Yes! Just got back from my first ride and I love the suspension, handling, etc. But the one thing that is JUST NOT RIGHT is the throttle stop, etc. I can't ride it the way I ride my DRZ400. When I roll it on from half throttle and it pulls pretty hard.

Oh well, I have the AIS removal kit and the new silencer insert on order, so we'll get it running like a WR soon enough. :applause:


no more apologies. You have come across as sincere. Besides, it made for some really interesting dialog which I happened to enjoy.

I saw the post on the honda valves and I am glad I have a yamaha. It was the deciding factor for me last summer when I bought the wr450 as opposed to the crf450x.

However, I am not educated on what I was looking at. What was wrong with the valves? What was bad about them.

Dude, I am SO glad I got a WR. My choices came down to a WR and a Honda. I went with the WR because I was more comfortable with the dealer. Little did I know what an awesome weapon I was getting into. For once I lucked into a good decision. If I had it to do all over agian, knowing what I know now, I would do exactly the same thing. :bonk: Thanks for moving on Matty. :applause:


give it to em while we can. the wr design is nigh on 9 years old now and though i believe it was virtually perfected within two years, as i understand, out of the box the crf is a genuine weapon(as you would expect from honda).

still nothing i have heard of beats the wr overall and i'm only talking about a dirty old 400. versatility, ease of maintenance, very flexible list of mods.

as far as i understand the KTM is the top of the heap, but i watched a guy kicking his till someone else had to have a go the other day, while the dirty old 400 sailed into the distance.

as stated before i love my wr because

i can ride gently with my boys ( 5 y/o has just got the hang of his pw80 today)

I can round up sheep and cattle here,

i can go trail riding

I can race grass track

i can race enduro

then ride on the road all without touching a thing. and even my mrs can ride it.

versatility is the key. owning a WR is a state of mind.

happy 2006

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