Kick Start Problem??

This is a weird one! When I kick start my 650R sometimes I pull the Decompressor in, get the bike set to kick and then when I kick it feels as if the kickstart "slips" but then you get a feeling like there are two peices of metal kind of "binding", almost as if you are forcing the clutch to slip. . I release the kick and then when I kick again its gone. It happens mostly when I kick and there is a little extra compression. I have probably confused everyone who reads this now, but I can explain it any other way.

Is there a problem with the kickstart? It kicks o.k 99% of the time and the bike starts easily. Cn anyone shed some light on this? Thanks


Dune I have had the same problem. It seems as if the teeth of the kick starter mechanism aren't quite meshed together when you kick it over and they slip when you kick it. Then when you let up and rekick it its okay. I've been wondering the same thing but I'm not going in to try to figure out whats going on so I guess I'll just wait until it breaks.

If anyone else knows something about this I'd sure like to know. Mine is a 2001 if that makes any difference.


No problems like that with my clapped out 2000 BRP. However, I NEVER use the decomp unless I'm clearing a flood. Just get the piston to TDC, or right before, when it starts to get hard to push the kickstarter. Then a small bunny hop and kick all the way through. No decomp needed to push the piston that extra little bit.

Does it only happen when you use the decomp or no? This is to both you guys. I've never heard of this issue before.

My bike has done the same thing since new! i posted the same Question and found they all seem do it and there has been no problems that i know of.

I'd have to think that it's a normal thing, Mine's done it a time or three...

Not broke yet.......... :applause::bonk:

My 01 xr650 does it occasionally, my old xr500 did it too. I was told it's nothing to worry about. I have logged many hours on my 650 and nothing has ever come of it.

Mine does it sometimes too. I'm thinking it must be normal.

This happens when I use decompressor and when I don't , as much as I would like to believe it is normal I can't my bike is new only 500km on the clock! it possible that what you are experiencing is the auto decompressor operating? :applause:

I 've only got 1500k's on mine and it does the same thing sometimes. Also noticed when new its hard to kick the bike over without using the manual decom because the motor is so tight.

Mine does it also. I have taken the side cover and could not find anything wrong. There have been a few post on TT about this. I don't think it is anything to worry about.

Okay, you guys have just confirmed for me what I always suspected it was.

I think the gears to the crank just don't get quite meshed sometimes right before you kick and when you do they slip slightly until they grab again. When this first happened I thought maybe the crank lever had come loose on the crank shaft and was slipping but I checked it and that's not it. This has nothing to do with the demompression.

I just started getting this too. Did any of you resolve the issue and fix it (how) or just leave it alone?

mine does it, and an older XL600 did it too. I think it's normal

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