Yamaha AIS Rem. vs. TT AIS Rem

16 year old kid just moving up to thumpers. Ive been livin in cambodia where i rode a 250 t-smoke enduro but i just moved to ecuador and i got a 05 wr450 comin in on a boat in about 3 weeks. Ive been readin the forums a bit to get used to the 4stroke scene and i think i got most of it down. now to my question

ive been readin about the ais removal kit and it seems like a good investment but recently ive been starting to hear about this yamaha original gytr kit. Now i tried ordering the TT kit about 2 weeks ago but my moms credit card doesnt work on TT so i need help, should i order the Yamaha or the TT kit, or are they the same??? Im trying to get all my parts in before the bike gets here so i can work on it and have it ready the next day. im freakin stoked about the riding here in ecuador and i just want my bike to be runnin 110% when i first start explorin

tt kit just AIS plugs.

gyt-r kit AIS plugs, 48 pilot, 168 main, adjustable needle, YZ throttle stop.

I hope your mom knows you are using her credit card :applause:

thanks, they yamaha kit sounds much better now i just gotta see if they do international shipping to ecuador.

mom knows she was kinda glad it didnt work cause been spendin alot of $$$ on orderin new parts for the bike. shes gonna be even more upset cause stupid air france just lost a bag with about $1500 of me and my dads riding gear

make sure you hit em up for $$$ for that bag!

I just checked mxsouth.com where i do most of my orders cause they do international shipping but in their OEM section they dont have the removal kit. What is a good website with international shipping that stocks the GYTR AIS removal kit?

MXSOUTH does have the kit. Be sure to do an OEM parts search for part # GYT-5TJ93-69-00.

alright ill try again, i think its my mac, whenever i type in a part number it doesnt do a direct search just loads up the entire mxsouth product database. Ill try downloading firefox and doing that way

I just installed the Yamaha GYTR AIS removal kit on my bike not long ago. I had a thread on here a few weeks ago talking about it.

I haven't had a chance to ride with it on yet, but just revving the bike and it looks like some of the popping is gone.

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