Happy New Year!!!

Feliz Ano Nuevo mis amigos!!! Just thought I'd be the first to post it and run up my total :cry:. I'm going on vacation for a week, so no posting political, religious or similar hot button threads while I'm gone. I'll be at Junior Seau's bar in San Diego watching USC kick the crap out of Texas on the 4th if anyone is in the area and would like to buy me a beer. I'll be the loud, obnoxious one in the Trojans baseball jersey. Make it a good one kids! :cry::bonk::applause: ...SC

Happy New Year! :applause:

Happy New Year! Have fun on vacation.

Happy New Year, and go Vince Young, Hook em Horns. Just Kidden buddy, I do hope its a close game though, just to see who(Reggie Bush) steps up to the plate and takes the game over.

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