fuel leaking?

I have a 99 yzf 400. when turning on fuel from tank, fuel appears to run out of overflow tube. bike has not been ridden in a few months. took carb off and inspected float, needle and seat. all appear to be fine. any help with this is appreciated.

Appearances won't tell the story. With the float bowl off, connect the carb to the fuel line, hold the float up against the needle, and turn on the gas. If it leaks, it's either dirty or dried out to the point that it won't work any more. It may have simply been stuck, or had a dry varnish deposit on it. Something you can try is to soak it it in fuel overnight an see if it will seal as it should once it gets re-saturated.

You may just need to set the float level also

i hade the same problem and i just adj my floats and it worked fine, i have the idea it was from a good jaring! but i really don't know i ride my bike all the time!

Thanks guys but I found some dirt on the seat in carb

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