paddle tires?

What is the most aggressive 8 paddle and can u buy a 9 paddle?

I am not sure what you mean by most aggressive.

I have Sandsnake paddle tires.

They cost about 50 dollars each here in Dubai

I have a 19 inch on my YZ and an 18 inch on my Elduro.

Both have 10 paddles.

The paddles on mine are about 4 cm tall.

With these tires on, both bikes (but especially the YZ) hook up fantastically. The main problem is keeping the front end down..

i think that the skat-trak hooker is the most aggressive. at least that is readily available at most places where you can buy paddles. if you want something more aggressive and/or a 9 paddle, contact Skat-Trak and they should be able to help you out.

If you are ridin a 450 and goin to Glamis, Gordons, or Butters you should run a 10 paddle. 8 and 9's are gonna do alot of spinin in soft sand out there behind a 450. Sand Snake makes an agressive 10 paddle......about $60 :applause::bonk: from Rockymtn.

I aggree. I have the Sand Snake 10 paddle. Works excellent. I've ridden the Hooker too(10 Paddle). It is also very good but is more expensive than the Sand Snake. Also Earlier in the season there was a shortage of casing to make the Hooker, i.e. it may be harder to find. The Sand Snake is a molded tire.

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