Gearing on 05 YZ450

the stock rings are gone and its time to replace, just curious what gearing everyone else is running on thier '05 and why. Stock has been good to me but I think it would be nice to tame out the hit a little if dropping a tooth in the rear helps. Thanks.

They have 51 standard, my mates race with a 48 to use 2nd more.

Stops smashing the limiter too, it also has more than enough power to handle 45 rear for ~160km/h runs, offroad riding.

14/50 here.

After I put on an FMF Titanium pipe I changed to 14/48 and have loved it. I moved from middle 3rd - lower 4th riding on the tracks to middle-upper middle 3rd. Only in deeper soil do I feel like I need to maybe add a couple teeth to the rear. I'm going to try a 13/48 combo the next time I'm at the deep soil track closest to me. Hope this helps.

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