How to order Scotts w/ CR forks

I have CR triple clamps & forks on my XR650R. I want to order a Scotts damper. Anyone been through this? If I go w/ a standard CR, I will loose the oil checking 'feature'. I also have a Trail Tech w/ billet mount. I couldn't seem to find a good application manual on the Scotts online. Help.


Must it be a Scotts? An RTT or GPR may be agood choice for this application.


I have the RTT Motorsports steering dampner on mine. I could not get set the others set up like I wanted it, ie. having the oil checking feature. When I had the Rtt one done I had to have the top nut machined down I think 3/16th of and inch to make it work. I really like mine. You can see picutres of mine at:

I hope that helps you in a way. Tony

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