I know this is a little off topic and possibly even the deep end. But, I have two bikes now. So, I spend way more time in the garage working on them. I realized the other day that I spend more time in my garage than in the family room. I can honestly say I haven't watched 5 minutes of TV at any one time in a couple of months. I actually enjoy spending more time in my garage working on my bikes than watching TV or doing just about anything else except riding. My garage has become my living room! I know this sounds weird. But, when I am out there I am not thinking about anything else. I am truely living in the moment totally focued on what I am doing and very relaxed and at peace. I love to ride but, I am learning to love to work on my bikes almost as much. What a great sport! Now to work on this old rickity body of mine. Mind, body, machine! :)

You should work on my bike too so I can watch TV :)

Lmao @ funktree,

I know what u mean PM, Ive got all the creature comforts(TV, Stereo etc) in my garage b/c I spend a heap of time out tinkering with cars and bikes. Its a gr8 place to be. Next is a couch to stare at the blue beast (when I get it :) )

I hate wrenchin on the blue pig. I prefer to ride nad put it away, but I can't since I break it every other ride!

How true Pmaust, how true. Last night put the kids to bed and went down to the basement (I have my own cycle room there, french doors out the back to 5 acres!). Just sat there reading on some jetting ideas.

Radio, no TV. You are not alone.

I completely understand. I have the stereo, phone (with caller ID so I know who's bothering my bike time), fridge full of cold beer, and chairs to relax in. I too haven't watched a hint of the TV, unless Speed Vision has on Motocross. Half the time I don't even touch the bike. The best part of all is that my girlfriend refuses to bother me in there. A little slice of heaven

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