Free Mods?

Which free mods make the most difference and or worth doing?

Throttle stop?

Grey Wire?

Blue Wire?


Air Cut Valve?

Any Information will be appreciated! :applause:

All of the above


i have done most of those mods and i reckon the yz timing is wicked.

however, i believe the wr has been designed to be a little more tame as to not break traction and cause wheelspin as soon as it will timed as a yz.

this is because (again as i believe and have read) that with a little less wheelspin it will be a more user friendly machine in tight trails.(what it was principally designed for)

having said that, GO THE YZ timing. i love it. yeah you may have to buy rear tyres in six packs, but there is an animal inside there at virtually no cost.

the mechanic i use charged $50 aust to do mine which is about 45 cents U.S.

i simply took the info from tt to him and he followed that.

just watch the front wheel though, it seems to get a lot lighter.

good luck

I haven't done the ACV yet, still thinking how you would do it.

My jetting is so crisp at the moment, I don't see any point.

What is the blue wire mod??? If you have the money, stop pulling wires and get a vortex ignition. It is a truly wicked item.

Out of the list you have there, the throttle stop is of the most benefit. I couldn't imagine riding around at 1/2 throttle all day!

Keep in mind the YZ timing can NOT be done on an '03 or newer WR without buying a YZ cam.

It is only a free mod on the '01 and '02 WRs.

Blue wire does nothing when you are in gear. When grounded, the blue wire reduces ignition primary voltage and cuts the rev limiter to 7500rpm. It is only grounded when the trans is in neutral.

I suppose, technically, this would also drop your rev limiter if you happen to miss a shift and land on a "false neutral" between gears.

This is a bad thing? :applause:

ACV has been implicated in causing a fluctuating idle speed making jetting difficult. All it does is pop a little extra fuel into the circuit on decel to reduce popping.... zero impact on WOT performance.

Throttle stop, grey wire, and uncork the exhaust are the ones that you want to do before you start her for the first time. Opening the airbox will help, but it's not something that you'll feel in the seat of your pants like the other three.

Throttle stop should be #1 and go from there

Keep in mind the YZ timing can NOT be done on an '03 or newer WR without buying a YZ cam.

It is only a free mod on the '01 and '02 WRs.

Ant the 98,99 and 00's.

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