06 YZ450F vs KXF450

Has anyone ridden these bikes back to back?? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Are the green bikes really as good as all the mags are saying --- opinions please. Had decided on the yzf purely for reliability reasons, but while getting oil from the local kawi dealer the other day noticed they had a kxf 450 and was offered a sharper deal than my yamaha dealer could do. Is it worth the risk -- 1st year bike and all that, have a few friends that have had nothing but trouble with their kxf 250s 04 & 05s. Does anyone have more than 50 hrs on their Yzf or kxf? any issues so far?

Not all the magazines are saying the KXF is so good...MXA says the suspension is a mess...that alone would make me stay away...

BTW....I doubt anyone has 50 hrs on either of these bikes since they very new (especially the YZF)....that is unless they don't work for a living! LOL

I have two buddies that have KX450s and I have spent alot of time on both their bikes as well as my own 06YZ 450. The KX is a hot rod, Very Fast! I feel that it is limited by it`s 4 speed tranny. I keep trying to shift again when already in 4th. The KX corners better than the YZ it can really find an inside line. Suspension wise the YZ wins hands down , The KX has an initial harshness that is non existant on the YZ. The KX is not a bad bike but the YZ is better. I should probably add that one buddie blew a head gasket on the KX before 2 tanks of gas. Kawasaki did fix it though and the mechanic said one head bolt was loose. I personally can ride the YZ faster for longer with less effort than the KX.

The 4-speed takes a little to get used to ,bviously you can always gear the rear sprocket down to take away the need to want to shift into fifth.But if you get much time on the bike you will see that the 4th gear will rev up a lot further than you think and still produce good HP, that is what it is designed to do, also translates into less shifting.

The suspention I feel was also a little harsh initially, and not dialed to where I liked it but after 2 rides, I had dialed it in and the harshness is gone, so dont hold that against it, most bikes are a little harsh initially.

Reliability?so far there are not major issues, so it looks like it will probably be good, or it at least tells you there arnt any major problems or issues that you couldnt overcome a design flaw by aftermarket improvments, so in my opinion the risk of the 1st year bike is looking better and better.

Im sure the 06 yz is awsome!I love yamaha and I guarantee that they are close enough that I would defenetly get the one you can get cheaper.

I know yamaha cam along way from ther 03-05 bikes which needed SERIOUS help with the handling and cornering (that is compared to other bikes)The engine was undeniably great though, but that only gets you so far if the bike wont turn worth a crap and feels like a bulldoser.It has already been stated in this thread the kx turns better.I can attest, I thought that small handling differences and bike feel was not that big of a deal but after going from a 04yz to 06 kx saying night and day difference in handling and cornering wouldnt do it justice.

To be fair I am not comparing it to a 06 yz so take that in mind ,just letting you know my feeling of what I am used to.

Bottom line both bike are awsome and personaly would get the one you can get cheaper.I went with the kx this time and absolutely love it, who knows maybe Ill be blue again one day, but not soon!B.TW. I paid $6700 out the door in Washington on the kx, and depending where you live a lot of guys got them a lot cheaper than I did.

good luck :applause:

the mechanic said one head bolt was loose.

THERE....is your answer..... :applause:

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