GYT-R Muffler Insert

Picked up my 2006 WR450 last week. I ordered the Yamaha AIS removal kit and the GYT-R "performance wr muffler insert". The item the parts counter guy ordered for me was (p/n GYT-5TJ93-75-00).

GYT-R muffler insert

Is this the right part number for my 2006 450? Now that I look at the Yamaha web page I wonder if the parts guy ordered the right one. I notice the description on the Yamaha web page says '98 - '04 WRs and the muffler looks different. Thanks!

that insert will not fit the '06. do a search for PMB.

The AIS Removal Kit will contain the instructions to remove the small inner tube in the muffler. Once this is removed, the muffler will no longer be restricted. Try it this way after completing all of the mods contained in the AIS Removal Kit. You will like it.

Thanks--everyone--for the good information. :applause:


YA, don't buy that. as stated above, it wont work!

secondly there is no need to buy any insert or tip.

just modify the stock one or buy an aftermarket exhaust.

better is much better logic in my mind!!

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