Cycle World Article

The new Cycle World showed up Saturday, and there was a great two page article about Backwoods Adventures BC.... "Ow Canada". They offer 1 to 12 day cycle tours in British Columbia on DRZ 400's. The scenery and terrain look fantastic.

Have any of you TT members taken one of those tours? If so, would you recommend them? Thanks!

I think it's the same company I saw featured on 2Wheel Tuesday a month or so ago.

Do they have a website?

The website is The tours are pricey. The website has a lot of great photo's of DRZ's in some spectacular scenery. Looks like fun....

I'd love to go on that 18 day tour and take my own bike, of the 5500kms on that trip 80% of the riding is off road. Awesome riding :applause:

Hi guys,

These guys offer something similar in Ontario. The Ganaraska forest is fantastic - I have ridden there many times.

Thanks for the link, the tours look really interesting. Has anybody gone on one of these yet?

I did an Admo tour May '05, they are based out of Cali (but offer various tour locations). They use DRZ's, it was easily one of the coolest things I have ever done. Not to mention it's what made me a believer and turned me on to DRZ 400's.

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