good deals on 2000 wr

Dose anyone know of any good deals on a brand new 2000 wr 400?

If you do please tell me



Try Mark at 2 Dads Racing. He had a 2001 WR 426 for $6000.00 NO fees! He might also have a 2000 model available. Give him a call toll free at 866-782-4600. He's a good guy to do business with.

Pete's Cycle in Baltimore, Md had a new 2000 WR on the floor in December. Last time I was in ther they were anxious to move it.

Pete's # 410-663-8556. Good luck!

I have one. Where are you located?

Originally posted by mdek:

I have one. Where are you located?


MY PHONE IS 186-734-4648

I forgot only 100 miles on it

I have a few "?" about it. what kind of condition is it in? ever bean raced?

and how much are you asking for it.

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