WR 450 06 ride report!

Ok I traded my awesome YZ450 05 for a licensed WR450

as I have been trail riding more these days!

I have JD jetted it, installed a powernow and fitted a Dr D exhaust (you only need a muffler)

It now hammers like my YZ 450 did! I can change the exhaust cam to a yz type but I don't think I need any extra power out of it! The bike is very good as it is now. Did I mention the button!

I have gotten new springs for the front and rear and have noticed the front springs on earlier 05 forks won't fit :applause: With a new spring the rear shock feels good! This bike is way too soft for the average 90kg bloke plus gear!

The seat on this has definately taken a step from the KTM book! Ouch it is hard! I'm gonna try wearing bike pants to save my butt :cry: Somewhere, somestage, somehow we all end up sitting for a bit ;( Please yamaha don't go the KTM way! Yamaha wouldn't want to be the butt of all jokes!

Clocked up 350 km's on it so far!

Front fork was full of metal fibres from new (poor build quality) haven't look in the other yet but I'm sure it is the same :bonk: (not what I expected from the boys in blue!) Oh did I mention the button!

I'll change the oil tommorrow and check the filters just to be on the safe side!

Bike has performed well so far thru boggy sand, fire break trails and on the road. It feels abit light on the front end in boggy sand (slightly skittish) What bike doesn't? I haven't installed my MSC dampner yet. gotta get a mount. That'll take care of that.

Jumping the bike reminds you of its weight! Straight thru the stroke and into the bottom of the fork! You can never get a bike to be a MX and an enduro! It is always some sort of compromise :cry: that said I could never WR a YZ but I can YZ a WR! The licence plate is the key! That and the magic button!

Oh it so much better then kicking the crap out of a YZ

I for one will never go back to kicking the crap out of a thumper :cry:

Sold my KTM 200 to my nephew and everywhere we ride he is still right beside me :p bloody good little bikes the 200exc! At least he has to kick it to start it! ;P That reminds me I have to take the dampner off the KTM!

I'll let you guys know how it goes once its run in abit!

any ???

Oring, nice report........ Welcome to the WR forum.

You're lucky, for 06 Yamaha made the WR seat softer. :applause:


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