Trick Dual Sport Kits for CA bikes

Question for Trick Dual Sport customers with CA plated bikes. While the TDS kits look very clean and simple, do they meet Californiastan's requirements for legality?

When I looked into it a few years ago I thought I came across some info that stated the turn signals needed to be spaced a minimum of 13" (?) apart to meet state requirements. I would like to switch to the TDS kit, but don't want to give the forest rangers or police an easy reason to ticket my bike. Anyone ever been pulled over in CA for this reason? :applause:

I also have a california plated Yamaha ('99 WR 400 Street Motard), and have heard about this rule(13"). I really liked the look of the tail section on the trick dual sport kit on the yz fender (anything looks better than the stock WR piece :bonk:), but instead opted for the baja designs led tail section (and it looks awesome :applause: ), once your plated it doesn't matter, all it'll cost you is a $10 fix it ticket.

Hell... For a long time (10-12 months) I just put a strreet legal subframe (w/plate) from my friends 98 to my 99 without even bothering to hook up lights, horn, mirrors, etc. I got pulled over by a park ranger one time because the plate was mounted high under the rear fender (not visible at all), even with my girlfriend on the back(illeagal with only a permit), and no insurance. He just told me to remount it in a visible area, and sent me on my way :cry:

I've heard of the rule too, but assume most cops and rangers haven't. Been stopped by police with non-DOT tires, running a Vermont plate, and the TDS kit. Checked me over looking for something. They did mention the plate, but did nothing.

I like the TDS UFO fenders because the turn indicator lights are protected. If most of your riding will be dirt and not street, I wouldn't worry about it.

Dale at TDS will sell you a different setup for lighting if you want. Give him a call.

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