I’m considering parting out my 2000 YZ426. Now that I have a KTM with E Start, I don’t think I ever want to kick start a bike again.

Any recommendations on shipping heavy parts (motor, frame, etc.) Would it be better to sell the motor complete or separate head, cylinder & bottom end? I have shipped mini motors before but the 426 is heavy.

I’m probably going to be keeping the rear wheel as a spare for my son’s YZ250 along with some of the plastics.

How much for the motor?

If you do part the bike out I would be interested in the front disk and caliper.. shoot me a pm when you decide.

I have shipped two DR350 motors, they weighed about 80 pounds boxed up. I'm willing to bet the YZ motor is less. I used a good solid cardboard box, glued in two extra sheets of cardboard at the bottom and then cut a piece of styrofoam to fit the bottom, the sides and the top. Double wrapped the motor in heavy duty garbage bags and set it in the box with the styrofoam on the bottom and sides. I used a couple of cans of spray expanding foam to fill in the box a bit above half way and let is set up overnight. I then filled the rest of the open space with crumpled up newspapers and topped it off with the styrofoam. Ship with UPS.

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