Clark 4gal. tank and corbin seat?

Anyone know if a corbin seat will fit with a clark tank on a XRL?

if your Corbin seat arrives like mine did, for my IMS 4 gal, it wont matter, you'll wind up sending it back for modifications ... Im not too happy with my Corbin, as you can tell .. :applause:

Road cam did it all turn out to your satisfaction or was it a wast of money?

long story short, after their repairs, it finally would mount up, but now the seat sits about 1/2" behind the tank, not that big a deal, just aggravating .. I would rather fist-fight Mike Tyson, than have to remove and re-install the seat, major pain-in-the-ass ... its flat design is uncomfortable for me, and its angled to keep your ass slid up against the tank ... ok if youre an MX racer, but sometimes ya want to slide back a bit ... I see where a lot of guys like their Corbin a lot, after break-in, mine still sucks for ME ... everybody has different tastes ... I would NOT buy it again ... NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ... :applause:

That doesn't sound to good,I think I will hold off for now.

I've seen other posts in here that just love 'em, so take that into consideration, too ... I just had poor results from the git-go ..

Yea that pic of treadmarks looks like it fit well. Something to think about. Just want to take longer rides this next season without the torture.

I had the same problem with fitment on mine, too....I use the IMS 4 gal. on my XRL.

Being the stubborn guy that I am, I reworked the mounts and other items to get it to retrospect, I should have sent it back. Bottom line, though, is....I really like the thing. It does take some getting used to, though.

I would buy another one, if I knew they would take my measurements for the mounting tabs, when they build it...

My XRL has a Corbin seat and a Clarke 4.7 tank - real easy to put on and off andfor any "Big" time spent in the saddle - the Corbin is a real good choice for comfort. Again - like the bike itself - it's a compromise comfort and performance.

Thank's for the replies,I did order the seat and if I have to I'll make it fit or it will be back on there doorstep.

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