dogging the 06--review...

dogging it because i am not good enough to ride it like it was meant to be ridden. i have been riding for just over one year. i average about 2 rides per week, 99.9% of the time is spent on the track. i would consider my skill level on the low side of intermediate. i am coming off of an 02 crf450 tricked out w/ applied offset clamps, 756's front and rear, kibblewhite valve train, fmf exhaust, etc...

with the above in mind, i dont know what a bike is supposed to feel like, but i know what i is all preference, i suppose.

my main concern when deciding to buy a new bike was being able to turn. my 02 crf450 was a run away train. i dont know what arm pump is, i have never experienced it. i do know what shoulder/back pump is from trying to get into the proper position to force my 02 crf450 turn. after 10 or so laps i would have to get off the track because, my back and shoulders were smoked. i rode my 06 yz450f for the first time this weekend. this bike wants to turn, period. it spooks me because the bike wants to lay over and rail, rather than stand up, and that is even w/ the stock front tire... i just aint used to that. i had almost decided on an 06 rmz450 (which is a great bike i am sure) because i wanted to turn on a i am not certain i would want any more than my yz could throw at me...

my second concern was durability. while my crf450 was trouble free, i was gun shy on kawi's due to a nightmare w/ my 04 kx250f, and wanted a change from my crf. that left me w/ an rmz of the yzf... after reading the rmz forums it seems that they have some cylinder plating issues. it seems as if the yzf was the appropriate choice.

my third concern was maintenance. at this point i was down to the rmz and the yzf. i have to work on both my girlfriend's bike (06 yz250f) and mine (although she is learning quickly). the extra 5 min to screw with a manual cam chain tensioner was not worth it to me.

things that i got and didnt expect:

when i first hopped on the bike i was nervous because i could not "feel" the bike. when i say that i mean that it felt light and incredibly responsive. w/ my crf450, it felt like i had to push the bike around. this bike moves if i move. it was a little unnerving at first, but after two rides, it translates into less effort to ride the bike... you ride it instead of it riding you.

jetting for central texas is horrible. before rejetting it, it sounded like the fourth of july and would die in corners if i wasnt giving it throttle. thanks to reyndogg and dpw the following is perfect for TX:

170 main

48 pilot

2-2.25 turns on the fuel screw

btw: carb access is easy. loosen the bands on the air box and head side. slide the fuel line out of the way and rotate the bottom of the carb to the left side of the bike. from there you can easily drop the bowl & all adjustments can be made with the assistance of a make up mirror borrowed from your woman du jour...

the seat allows you to slide up into the cockpit/attack position effortlessly.

the power of the bike is decieving. again, i am of average skill, so my ability doesnt allow my to dog a bike. however, when i felt like i was just putting on the yami, i was actually flying. the only gauges i have of this are 1) the guys i always ride with were taking less effort to stay ahead of them, and 2) i was consistently over jumping jumps when i though i was carrying less speed into them.

things i got and could care less for: hands have never been more sore after riding this bike. don't know why. my crf has renthal fat bars and soft grips on it... the stock grips on my yz are hard as rocks... dont know if it is the bars or the grips, but they are both gonna change SOON...

the rear brake lever seems close to the footpeg. w/ my size 12 tech 8s i seemed to keep getting them caught under the brake lever... a set of fastway pegs are on the way and the will be set in the lowboy position.

the 739 front is garbage and on its way out... even my beginner level girlfriend could feel it pushing...

to sum it up, the bike actually feels more maneuverable than my 06 250f. it is effortless. the only way you can really tell the difference between the two is the 450f has more power and a slightly larger cockpit. the delivery is smooth, as smooth as my honda, and more power than somebody of my skill level can use. braking was smooth, maybe not as crisp or as aggressive as some other brand new bikes i have ridden, but definitely adequate. oil change is no more of a PITA than on a honda, while air filter is easier...

man, that was longer than expected, but i thought i would share...

Sorry to say he 02 CRF was a good bike in its time as I owned one. I preferred the 03yzf450 over the 02CRF. Hell I prefer my Husky TC450 over the Honda. But the 06 yz450F in my opion puts the crfto sleep. esp an 02 CRF

U can send those fastway pegs back if u would like to use them in low position i tried mine and they hit the bolts they now use to hold the footpegs bracket on the frame and make the pegs tilt upwards u can still use them in high position but im putting my stockers back on pegs are 2 wide in that position makes the brake even closer i wear size 12 also

Yeah, that Husky is better than a CRF. :applause:

Burned is the man to thank w/the jetting info :applause:

Glad you like your new ride!

you know that feeling you get like everybody else is watching you and thinking man, i wish i would have bought that bike instead... that is how i feel when i am speeding around at negative mach 7. even though i am still not completely dialed in on it...i do like it much more than my previous motor scooter...

yah i feel'll get a lot of "can i try it" heh


Burned is the man to thank w/the jetting info :cry:

Glad you like your new ride!

Ditto! Burned..: :applause::bonk::cry:

Good review...

Throw a Dunlop 952 up front...almost a 756, but last longer.

For carb access take the hot start out of the carb and you can rotate it enough that you don't need a mirror.

Where in TX are you located?

i dont know if it was a good review or not, but thanks...i wasnt sure that i would be able to tell a large difference between one bike and the next, but i was able to. i figured it would be a good review for the average rider.

good point on taking out the hot start...i was just too lazy to unscrew any more bolts than necessary...

952 fronts are on the way for my girlfriends new 250f and my 450f...

by the way, we are located in austin...

I also love the way the 250F and 450F feel almost identical. I love both bikes but nothing is better than that big 450. congrats

yzkid is right! The fasstway pegs do hit the peg bracket bolt in the low boy position , But their is a solution. Take the bracket off the frame and counter sink the hole. Then put in a counter sunk allen head bolt so that it bolts up flush. Now the peg will work. On my new bike instead of fasstway pegs I bought some Tusk pegs from Rocky Mountain ATV for 59.95 and cut the colar off the bottom and welded them to the top. I like these pegs much better and they have excellant grip

TDCworm... Does the 06 yzf 250F handle any worse than the 450F?? Motocross Action gave the 450F all rave reviews, but then they said the 250F had a weird Kicking in the rear? Is this true?

I am not too sure about the rear end kicking on the 250F, but the 450 does handle a little bit better

I just picked my 450 up last week here in Texas, in fact i think i see Reyndogg at the tracks round here. Austin/San Antonio area, ne way, i love the bike, its very smooth, turns freakin awesome, i hit ruts on this thing like i never COULD on my CRF 450. I spent bout 30 min. on the bike and i was ready to turn on the gas. It hauls. Im 320 size 15 boot, i didnt notice any cramped area. I ride AMA novice, and for my ability, the thing was spot on. I did move the bars up a tad, after taht, it was all good. Jumps smooth, lands plush, sweet sweet sled.

my hands have never been more sore after riding this bike. don't know why. my crf has renthal fat bars and soft grips on it... the stock grips on my yz are hard as rocks... dont know if it is the bars or the grips, but they are both gonna change SOON...

It's both. The bars are swept back and the stock Yamaha grips are not only hard as rocks, but they are designed with gorilla-sized hands in mind. If your hands arn't'll hate the stock YZF grips. I use Renthal dual-compound half-waffle grips and Renthal "Stewart" bend bars.

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