wanted xr650r front rim and spokes

i cracked my rim at the seam on the last ride.. :applause: anyone know where i can get a new or used rim.. there is one on ebay from an xr650l.. i have a 2001 xr650r, are they compatible. thanks in advancel. :bonk:

I'm not sure if the one from the L will fit. But I do know that one from an XR400 will. I found one here from a fellow TT member. But ebay is definitly a good place to look as well. Good luck with your search.

If the "crack" is limited to the fabricated factory seam then you should be able to repair by welding. A competent welder can put it back together no problem. Ensure 100% weld penetration or welded from both sides and ground smooth.

If you have a crack outside the seam or metal fatigue with elongation (stretch) then I would definitely replace.

I have repaired rims by welding with separation at the seam previously with no further issues.

Hope this helps.


I have an almost new xr 650r complete wheel (hub , rim, spokes laced up ) for $200.

could you e mail me a pic. damato@nac.net thanks in advance. later :applause:

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