Downsize from a 450F to a 250F???

I did a supermoto conversion to my 03 YZ450f and kept all of the dirt parts to keep the transition to dirt, and back again throughout the upcoming year easy. I have been looking for an 03 450 as a beater,(instead of converting back and forth) but none in my price range. There are a few 250f's here and there, which has me thinking that maybe IF I can pick one up cheap enough that I'd have fun on it. I'm a former "B" motocrosser that loves to seat bounce every thing that I hit. The last time that I rode before this summer was 1990. I have always liked the bigger bikes, but if a 250F comes around cheap enough, I'm wondering if it would pull my 200lb +or- butt around a track. (play riding only). Kelly in Crapchester, NY.


I am looking to sell my 03 450 and i am also trying to sell my brothers 03 250F.

I am looking to get $3500 for my 450 and the 250F is $3200. The 450 has some trick stuff on it and has been well maintained. The 250F is a cream puf with less than 10 hrs on it. It is setup for a 190lb rider with springs and race Tech valves, magura clutch and tall renthals on it.

Let me know


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