Red Folders

Since ThumperTalk has changed to the new look I haven't seen the red folders. Everytime I logged on when it was still the old format there would be red folders on the new topics that I haven't read yet. That was really helpful because I knew what I haven't read yet.

i agree please bring back the red folders. They were back once but have gone away again.

Red folders are gone for me too.

Guys, the folders have not been taken away. There is a very elusive issue with the current version of Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) TT uses that seems to be related to how cookies are stored that has raised its head again. We've purchased the latest version of UBB (v6) and we'll be testing it soon. If everything looks good, we'll be bringing it into production. Hang tight! :)

Bryan, Thanks for all the hard work!!! Keep it up the site is looking great.


This is a post from August 27 - New Format. This is how I can get red folders.

I found a back door to get the red folders to show up again.

Click on the preferences link towards the top of the screen and submit preferences. This should automatically direct you to a forum list. Click on Yamaha (or whatever) and then click on the WR400/426 forum. The red folders will be back. You will have to do this each time you access the TT forum. A little time consuming but its a lot easier than trying to remember when you last accessed TT.

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