Is this a good deal

My brother in law is selling his 03 wr450f, said he would sell it to me for 3,000.00 It has 18 hours on it. I was looking at the wr250f or the crf250x but this sounds pretty good Your thoughts. :applause:

OK price, if it's in primo shape-hour's seem low enough.

It's Red Sticker in CA you know, at least until they pull their head out of their @ss.

That CRFX your'e thinking about is Green. Gotta evaluate, yeah it's nice owning a WR. But not so cool when your restricted to riding certain area's/ certain times of the year. :applause:

Don't make much sense, burning twice the gas in the truck-just to get to a legal riding area. When the whole green/red thing is about emission's. Go figure.

That's cheap!!!! I got mine for $3100 and it is clean. I felt bad cause I stole it at that price.

thats a great price, but make sure you can handle the power. there is a BIG difference between the 250 and the 450.

Sounds fair. I bought my WR for $3500 at the beginning of this season. I would bet it probably had less than 18 hours on it too.

I bought a wr450 last year after taking a serious look at the wr250. I just happened to find a great deal on the 450. It sounds like you have found a great deal as well.

Basically, the physical size and weight are very close to the same. You wouldn't know the different by sitting on them.

However, Meshmez is 100% correct about the different in power delivery. A fully opened wr450 is not for the timid or faint of heart. The 250 I rode was a wild ride, but the 450... I can't fully describe it. I am still using generous amounts of clutch to control things during turns and technical sections of trails. Its not bad at all and I get more used to it the more I ride.

I personally think that the green/red sticker situation would be a bigger problem for you. It was for me. I had to turn down great deals on 03 and 04 bikes because of the lack of a green sticker. Afterall, how good is a bike if you can't legally ride it.

Three grand seems like a good deal to me.


Im in CA and my 2006 WR 450 is a green sticker, what makes the 03 WR 450 a red sticker? I think its a green sticker unlike the 03 yz250f/yz450f which are redstickers.

Ah, grasshopper-you are the lucky one.

Yeah the 03 and 04 Wr's are red. :bonk:

I just spent the last couple of hours searching the web for info. on the stupid ass red/green issue. It all started, as I was reading up for data to fuel my letter regarding the missuse of our OHV fund's-LETTER

And ran across alot of info. on a number of off road forum's regarding green stickers. It seem's you can pretty much take a street registered vehicle to DMV, and explain that the vehicle will be used Off Highway only. They then confiscate the plates and off you go with your GREEN OHV sticker. Now keep in mind, that this whole jacked up sticker program was enviromentally based-as well as a fund generator.

From another Forum-Pirate's

I managed to get my toyota with a 302 a green sticker the other day. They simply put AT in the body type, making my toyota the biggest POS atv the dmv has ever seen. If you get any hassle, go to the Lodi DMV and ask for Mildred, she will remind you of your kindergarden teacher and is super cool. I didnt have to take my truck in for vin verification or anything. I actually had back fees I had to pay and she did a transfer only for the street reg so I could pay my fees and handed me my green sticker and told me to have a nice day.

So the guy with the rial that is powered by a Cadillac Northstar, gets a green and my 04 WR goes red. Then there's the whole nonsense of, me loading the bike and driving (polluting) much farther to ride during the restricted season. :applause:

This so freakin pisses me off. And to add insult to injury, prior to buying my WR, I had the first year 04 model of the YFZ450 quad (shhhh, don't tell anybody I rode a quad) and that badboy was a GREEN sticker. Same year, same motor as my RED stickered WR. :cry:


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