rekluse vs revlock

wich ones beter rekluse revlock or other (on a 426)

wich ones beter rekluse revlock or other (on a 426)

well revlock costs alot more :applause:

I have never used a rev loc, but I have a Rekluse and I don't see how it could be any better. Its like cheating.

I've heard of tranny damage landing jumps or pounding whoops with the Rev-Loc. Apparrently it locks up to tight. Supposedly the Rekluse locks up closer to stock pressure, allowing it to slip a little when it needs to. Of course this is all second hand, so..... Rekluse is half the price and can be adjusted without removing the clutch cover.

The Rekluse is not overpriced and it has a proven record to go with that price. I love mine.

Do they have a Rekluse for the 06 YZ450?

Yes, they do have a Rekluse model for the 06 yz450f.

Mine was the first to be installed for testing. Installed Dec 8th. All is working well.

As far as I know, no design changes were required, except for some cable length adjustments on the optional manual override w/perch adjuster. That's just in case you were concerned about it being a new version.

My bike is at Rekluse today (1-4-06) getting the "just-in" 06 yz450f specific override cable installed.

Buy it, you'll like it! :applause:

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