03 exhaust on 05 wr450?

Yes, it will work. Why not just get an insert for your bike?

Actually, I bought my existing bike from someone who put the fmf factory 4 exhaust and header on it.

Great exhaust. Tons and tons of power. But it is very, very , very loud.

Its not my preference to be so loud. Besides, I don't use all of the power the bike has anyway. I am going to sign up for some enduros and need to pass the sound check.

The stock pipe with an insert is an option to buying the FMF Q2 pipe which costs a lot more money.

Just considering my options.

Fair enough. the '03 muffler is heavy though! It is way less restricted than the '05 too.

That old style pipe is like a freakin boat anchor. I think it was actually heavier than the stock TT-R 250 pipe and that thing was like 12 lbs

It will slip right on. I traded one I had lying around from my 04 for one off of my buddies 05. Now I have an extra eruo style can for my 06!

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