Footpeg mod on 06 YZF 450

Does anyone know if you can do 'the old' footpeg mod on the new bikes? love the room it gave me for my big hoofs and cheaper than hammer head tip etc

By the way size 13 6'3

I was wondering the same thing, I looked at one in the shop last week, it looks like they are the same foot pegs, I will know in a couple of days when mine gets here.

Since the entire footpeg assembly bolts onto a flat vertical surface, it seems to me that you should be able to make a small, 5/16" steel plate that could be bolted to the frame with flush fitting countersunk Allen screws, and have threaded holes for the footpegs placed anywhere you want them to be. You could create a prototype that was larger than necessary and have multiple positions available, then make one of minimum size and weight once you settled on one spot. It would add a small amount of weight, but if it makes the bike fit better, it will be worth it. Obviously, the integrity of the threaded holes and the bolts used will be important considerations, but it should work. Another possibility might be a 7076 aluminum plate with Time-Serts run in from the backside for the footpeg bolts.

I cut one of my pegs and it did not work. The peg would not lay flat, as it hit the allen bolt holding the bracket on the frame.

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