Well, its official. Carmichael goes to Honda..

It's a good thing Kawasaki groomed this young kid into a champion so that Honda can benefit from it. Honda just HATES to lose, so what do they do? Buy someone that will give them a number one plate.. Sure it's the American way to get the most money that you possibly can, I wonder if Honda will treat Ricky that same way that they treated Jeremy....... Wouldnt that be great?


Money is Money, and when you are as good as this kid is you command a lot of it, Honda is just doing what anyone in his position would do, go for the best offer, Honda has a lot of money to offer up, besides it reeeally wouldnt matter what bike Ricky was on, he shreds, point blank, he could probably ride a 125 in the 250 class and still win the majority of his races, when you have talent.....you get paid....dont knock Honda just cause they offered up the biggest deal.


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That would be cool if he raced the new CR450R.

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I'll betcha that McGrath's happy.I hear that the Honda is a lot less forgiving than the Kawasaki.If that's true then the way RC rides,he's bound to wind up on his a$$ a few times next year.That's all it will take for McGrath to get back the #1 SX plate.

Don't count on Carmicheal riding the CRF450,next year. Honda still has to sell a lot of 2 strokes CR250's& CR125's. I'm hearing LaRocco will be riding the CRF450 in the Supercross Season & is a little nervous about it.

Charmichael is the best rider around, too bad he is such a little prick. Too arrogant for me.

Just to refresh my memory, what exactly did Honda do to McGrath?

I agree with Carmichael being slightly arrogant, but I guess thats what has contributed to his success on the track.

I think McGrath does more for the sport as a person than Ricky, and would like to see him win next year, in my opinion.

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