Paiute Trail question

Anyone ever ridden the Paiute Trail in Utah? Just curious about your experiences, do and don't s , etc., as I am probably going on a 2 day ride there in October.


Where are you planning to ride from?? Do you have the National Geographicmap ???

I have been there many times and might be able to help you.

Locals are very ATV / off-road friendly. There are hundreds of miles of atv trails. I would say in my best estimation there are 50 to 1 ATV to motorcycle ratio but you do see motorcycles out there. By the way most of the ATVs are the 4X4 utility types.

Terrain is mixed, forest roads, some gravel and smaller rocks, lots of water crossings etc.

The scenery is what brings me back year after year. \

If you want more info check link .


Marco Polo :applause:

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Just head about the ride from a new riding bud. So, I'm trying to more info on the whereabouts, etc. I will post again when I learn more.

The scenery looks great. Besides that, are you saying the riding isn't that great or just expect a lot of quads/4x4 utilities?

Fun,scenic trails, but not very technical. One of the better experiances (assuming you are using a camper trailer or tent) is the KOA in Richfield. The setup is very clean, they have hookups for RV and the back gate leads right to the trail. From this route, a fun ride is to go up and over the pass to the town of Fillmore (30 Miles one way), eat lunch and ride back. The towns are ATV friendly, but they have marked raods that you must use with a max speed limit of 15mph (one of which runs conveniently next to the Highway Patroll office. I suspect a ploy to check registration)

It was fun taking my CR500 to the Arbys drive up window :applause:

There are hundreds of miles of trails and some parts are more scenic than others. I prefer the North East Section, very woodsey w/ river crossings. The Marysvail loop is a very popular ride. As stated earlier, you will see more ATV 4x4s than anything else, but it is still a blast on 2 wheelers. Some areas are very rocky, but you could take a 4x4 truck through most of the trails. I would definitely pack spare tube/air and the basic tools. If you get lost or have a mechanical, you are in a very remote area. Although the trail is easy, pack a good first aid kit. I have had 2 trips on the trail that had a detour to the hospital (not me, but 1 with the wife and one with the son)- FYI although Fillmore and Richfield are "hick" towns even by Utah standards, both have a first rate medical center. GPS is highly recomended as it is easy to get turned around and farther away from camp than expected. Richfield is the place I would recommend as base camp. It is a decent size town and has stores, gas stations, and all the necessities. (Not sure about bike shops though, about 1.5 hours away is the town of Payson. This is where Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is at, and usually have a pretty good inventory of most parts.)

Bring a camera, it is a pretty ride with lots of photo ops. A map of the area is available for $13 from most of the local places including the KOA. You can also get a map online. If I get a chance, I will scan mine onto the comptuer and post it.

Visit also has info on the trail and other areas near by.

If you have the time, Hanksville is an incredible place to play if you like jumps and is only 45 min from Richfield. If you have seen the Global Addiction video, it the place where Pastrana and crew are pulling big whips on a black ash like dirt. Ask any of the locals about Factory Butte - thats the actual site name.

Thats about all I have for you - I can get more info if you need it. Have fun, its a great ride.

Punisher, I really appreciate the info. It helps a lot. As I get more details, I'll post em or PM you for input if you don't mind.

Your really planning in advance, aren't you? October is probably one of the best months because all the trees are turning colors and the temp is usually mid 50's at that time (at least they were this year and last). You will be there during the mule deer hunt (it sounds like), so expect lots of rednecks with guns. As long as you go slow past their camps and keep the noise down, you shouldn't have any problems.

I'll have to see if I have any pictures to post. I was last there at the begenning of OCT, and it will show you what to expect.

Do not go there during the hunting season. Trust me on that!!! Even the camphost at Lizzies in Marysvale strongly advises against riding during the hunting season. Few reasons that come to mind

1) Alcohol and guns

2) Huge 4X4 vehicles on the trails

3) Bad shots

4) Greenies disguised as hunters aiming at bikers!! Just kidding!!! :applause:

PM me your email and will send you some photos. If you look at the map you can actually ride from North of Filmore all the way down to Bryce canyon.

You got lots on time for research and there is a lot of info and trip reports on the web.


Marco Polo

here are a few for you -





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