What was that!

yesterday while riding my 650L I noted a - almost a backfire - after downshifting then turning onto another road and shifting back up into 3,4, 5 think it was between 3-4 when I rolled off the throttle when this happened. One other time it seemed to hesitate once only mildly. I think that it is because it has been sitting for weeks at a time (2-3) before I start and ride it. This bike is uncorked with the exception of the smog junk removed and running a UNI filter, has 1,300 miles on it.

sometimes old gas will cause that ...

Yup, I agree... I refueled with fresh gas (92 octane) and all seemed fine after that.

sometimes old gas will cause that ...

...or tamales. :applause:

I agree with the bad gas. I also see that you have a bike from my youth a 1975 XL125. That was the first bike that I ever owned. Bought it for 20 dollars in 1984

Yup great little trail / woods bikes. Twas an e-bay buy for 500.00, I think they were frustrated with it and could not get it to run right, all I did was a carb dissassembly inspection / service, and a tune up, new points assembly and plug. Also adjusted the carb, they had the air screw bottomed out. Purs like a kitten now, putt, putt, putt...

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