Mike68, TTR plastic, seat cover, did you find any?

I remembered you posting looking for plastic for your TTR250 awhile ago, and I did a search, however it looked like you didn't find anything. I was wondering if you found anything cheaper than Yamaha stuff. They want $60 for a front fender, that's almost as high as KTM stuff!!!

I also need a seat cover, if anyone knows where to find one.


My experience is that there is $h!t out there for your TTR250. For 200 bucks, my dealer will get me a front fender, the light shroud, seat cover and rear fender. Here is a sugestion. I think the WR front fender will fit if you just trim the back of it to the same length as the TTR. I still haven't decidede to sell mine yet, so no sense making it look pretty.

Thanks for the quick response, you must be bored at work like me :)

priority! Riding and bikes take priority over work, right? i had a catalog at home that had seat covers for the TTR, I think, somewhere in the 60 bucks range.

[This message has been edited by *mike68* (edited September 05, 2001).]

Of course bike's and riding take precedence.

If you think of it, can you take a look at that catalog and get me a company and phone #?



The parts I have been quoted are OEM parts from yamaha. Thats the only place I could find them.

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