Directions to Johnson Valley

Can somebody please give me the readers digest version directions to the Johnson Valley. I'll be coming from the corona area on the 15

Thanks in advance. :applause:

Exit Bear valley Road from the Northbound 15, in Victorville. Go right and keep on going all the way to the end of BV road and veer right onto 247? and head on out toward lucern valley. Turn left on camp rock road, or keep going out to bessamer mine road and go left. Lots of info if you search "johnson valley directions" I take old women springs road from 247 to camp rock road. Scenic route. It's a short twisty grade near the dry lake, you go left and head on up the hill, and keep on going til camp rock, turn left....

It just rained, I must get my new tires for the new DRZs!


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