Valves for an 01 426...Ti or SS?

My center intake valve has started to tighten up after every hundred miles or so, so I pulled the head, and, sure enough, it's starting to mushroom. The other four valves all look fine and have not changed clearence in the 2000 miles I've put onthe bike.

As I'm the third owner, though,and have no idea of the rest of the bike's true history, I figure I'll do all of 'em (along with a new crank and crank bearings, but that's another story).

What's the general feeling on replacement valves...stock Ti valves with new guides, retainers seals and springs; Black Diamond with their springs, factory guides, retainers and seals; some other combination? It looks like the lower cost of the BD valves is just aout offset by the higher cost of their springs, so dollars-wise, it looks like a wash.

Opinions? Experience? I'm looking for rock solid durability, not absolute performance (though the bike does have hot cams and a 13.5:1 piston).

Thanks for any insight,


SS for durability and reliability.

ss without a doubt u wont notice any horsepower difference and they will last a lot longer

SS - the hardcoating is thicker than on Ti.

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