Fuel Mixture screw replacement


anyone know if i have to remove the carb totally to replace the fuel mix screw with a live-in adjuster like the zip-ty or the SRP .

this is what im talking about im sure most of you know. but for the ones that dont..


no, you can do that on the bike. Be sure you install the oring, washer, spring then screw back into the carb

what is the best thing to use to remove the stock one ?

I bought a "stubby" screwdriver that I had to further grind down to make it short enough to reach up into the recess. The most difficult thing is to not lose the "o" ring, or for the "o" ring to stay stuck up in the recess when everything else comes down.

I recommend you put a white towel or other light colored rag below the carb's recess, so that if anything falls down, you'll be able to see it. You may also need a dental pick to extract the "o" ring if it won't come down. I used the Zip-ty fuel screw, and it's well worth the money. Some people also recommend that you slightly stretch the spring before re-installing it. The reason is, that some have complained about the screws loosening up after riding for awhile, and stretching the spring very lightly helps to keep it in under tension.

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