New cam

I have almost completed the rebuild on my '99 400 which is now a 426. So far I have replaced the crank, piston, cylinder, cylinder head, valves, springs etc. I was not planning on replacing the cams until I did a dry run with the old cams in the new head. The exhaust cam was fine... spec wise...and it turned. The intake cam spec-ed in OK but would not turn once I tightened everything down. I figured this makes sense since it was an intake valve that broke that put me in this predicament. My guess is when the valve broke it bent the shaft. I plan to replace it with an aftermarket (HotCams), primarily due to price and the reputation they have. My initial thought was to utilize the stock exhaust cam because it appears to be OK...thinking...if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Was hoping to get feedback from those who have an opinion.....I know I'll get a lot of feedback on the decompression cam saying I should go that route. I pretty much have ruled that out. My concern is from a performance aspect I sacrificing anything by staying with the stock exhaust cam.

Thanks in advance for your input,

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