Need to source bearings for cases

Need to know where I could mail order all bearings for my re-build. Will replace crank and all other bearings in the cases.

Thank you in advance.

I'll help!!!!

I had to replace the cases earlier in the year, and even though I'm in the UK I got all the bits from 'North County Yamaha' in San Diego.

Soooooooo helpful, and a damm sight cheaper than in England.


What a coincidence, I also broke cases (and bent crank) and got all my parts (cases, all bearings, crank, seals blah blah blah) from NCY, just outside of San Diego I think (ain't never been there myself).


Since I spent almost $800 they gave me a bit of a discount as well. Nice folks, not as stupid as your average parts counter people.

Yeah, NCY is just about 15-20 minutes north of San Diego, it's in Escondido, basically a suburb of San Diego or north county. They are really knowledgable and helpfull as well as friendly. If I have to get a part from Yamaha I usually go there cause if you HAVE TO support a dealer might as well choose a good one. You can get the part numbers off of Yamaha of Troy's websight. They have the parts diagrams on their webpage.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


I'm 4000 miles away and they gave me a discount. Top people!!

They even telephoned me from the US when I initially e-mailed them. No hesitation to recommend them.

If only UK Yam dealers were the same.

Dear Hugh, you can locate the non- propriatary bearings at your local bearing reseller. As for the two main crank bearings you will have to go through your Yamaha dealer. Some other bearings such as counter balancer and primary drive may also be made for yamaha only so you will have some homework to do.

Since no one was able to suggest anything I decided to write to myself, sort of like Mr. Bean. :):D:D

Up your nose with a rubber hose! ( Welcom back Kotter )

I bought the four bearings that could noy be sourced elsewhere from my dealer here in the Montreal area. They are the biggest exclusive Yamaha dealer in Canada and give good service. I was kind of miffed at having to spend over 300.00 for 4 bearings and a couple of o-rings and snap rings though! Kind of frustrating as most of the bearings that we replace here in our shop on our own equipement can bought localy at reasonable cost. Nice to know that I am not alone being gouged!

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