2000 YZ426 Needs Parts

Hey Gang I need some help locating some parts......

I just picked up a 2000 YZ426....The Bike was raced for two years and has sat in a shop for three years.....! The bike is a a little beat, but the price was right....! It has a lot of top shelf stuff already, but it's in need of some work.....I want to get this YZ up an running as inexpensive as possible so maybe you can help me out.....I'm in need of a "stator/ generator" base assembly, also I would like to pick-up an (Excel) front rim, and some plastic (minus the tank) for it. I've been all over the net for the stuff, but the stuff I'm finding is a little pricey.....My buddy suggested I go to Thumpertalk for the best help & suggestions out there, So here I am......Thanx Ironbear

This guy is parting out a 01 426 he maybe able to help you.click here

Thanks for the info. I'll with him......

Hey IronBear lets get that YZF running so we can do some roosting at the cabin:)

i thought i posted in here... maybe im loosin my mind or something... check w/ TT for the plastics and other misc stuff they have all those goodies for ya..

Thanx I'll check the TT store to see what they have.....

Send me a PM. I have the stator base you need off my old 00 yzf426 that I converted to a wr...

Hey Mizer how's the stud project coming along......? The lake is starting to freeze back over, so it won't be long......I got the pic's they look great.....!

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