Tire suggestions pleeeeeease

I have a 99 WR 400 street legal for Calif. and its time to get a new back tire. I don't care about the DOT part so does anyone have any suggestions on a really good agressive tire. SOMETHING WITH A WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS CAUSE I like to ride desert, hard stuff, rocks and technical tight trails also. (Gorman, Raurer flats and Red Rock). I want to go as wide as I can for the stock swingarm. How wide is that? Has anyone had any luck with the teri-flex tire, will it even fit on my swing arm and if it will, is it going to kill the ability for technical trails? I think its a 150 90 18 and I dont know if it will fit. Need some help guys!! Im running a 120 100 80 now. All options and opinions on anything on the market would be a great help!!! Thanks in advance. :applause:

Maxxis IT or the Kenda Trackmaster 2 if you want to be legal :applause:

I currently have one of the Maxxis Desert ITs on the rear with about 300 desert miles logged. Great traction in the loose stuff, slides predictably under power and wears like iron. Less than 50 bucks at Rocky Mountain MC. Don't know about the availability of +120mm widths, but it's an awesome tire for SoCal desert. :applause:

Steve, you need to get yourself a set of Maxxis IT's............

Maxxis Desert IT rear and SI front. You'll ove it!

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